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Mao inhibitors – do not combine cyp2b6 inhibitors and inducers – bupropion is a cyp2b6 sensitive substrate cyp2d6 substrates – bupropion is a cyp2d6 strong inhibitor oct2 substrates – bupropion is an oct2 inhibitor amantadine – may increase side effects clopidogrel plavix – clopidogrel is a cyp2b6 inhibitor and may raise bupropion levels.

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A prudent combination of discontinuing the drug and of providing appropriate referrals to exclude important secondary causes such as a superimposed renal failure, cardiac failure, autoimmune or vasculitic livedo, and ruling out deep vein thrombosis must be an important part of continued clinical follow-up for patients on amantadine.

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The acip currently states that it may be advisable to discontinue amantadine treatment as soon as clinically warranted, generally within 3-5 days or within 24-48 hours after symptoms disappear, since there is some risk that strains of influenza a resistant to amantadine and rimantadine may emerge during treatment with the drug.

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Arteriosclerosis of cerebral blood vessels can lead to parkinson s disease in elderly population and amantadine can be effective in such patients.

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During the maintenance period 67 of treated patients received a dose of 160 mg twice daily, and the amantadine received doses of 80 mg once daily 17 and 80 mg twice daily amantadine.

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the effect of amantadine on fertility has not been adequately tested, that is, in a study conducted under good laboratory practice glp and according to current recommended methodology.


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